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The M Opens to entice Qatar’s Foodies

Located at the center of Doha’s iconic West Bay area, The M opens its doors within the Pullman Doha Hotel, an undeniable contender to the vibrant fine-dining scene that has flourished in Qatar in the last year.

The M is adequately described as a Meat-Centric Fine-Dining space driven by the opportunity to create unforgettable gastronomic experiences, innovate cuisine and offer moments that entice the senses in a seductive atmosphere that crescendoes as the night goes by.

This newcomer to the gastronomic world in Qatar, offers three different experience all in one location, including a large dining space with a menu developed to surprise guests and turn them into forever admirers; a one-of-a-kind Chef’s Table experience, where guests will enjoy a unique culinary journey curated for their pleasure; and finally an elegant lounge, with incredible cocktails and flavors that complement its stylish and seductive atmosphere.

Its team, which has been trained and developed by The M’s Executive Chef, Justin Yu, is committed to the

highest culinary standards, where consistency and integrity are key, in a menu focused on the world's best quality meats - raised and purveyed with integrity and respect.

Whether at its Chef’s Table,

experiencing and deepening their love for foods; at the Dining Room, discovering new and incredible flavors; or at the Lounge, sharing enticing drinks as the atmosphere develops, The M wants customers to always leave wanting more, knowing that new memories await for them on a future visit.

For all of these reasons, and countless others that you will discover for yourself, make sure you add The M to your next locations for a spectacular night out or incredible dinner.

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